Educational Choices holds info sessions for parents to attend.  We cover alternative options to public school from home schooling and distant learning.  We have a resource library and knowledgeable volunteer advisors to meet with to cater a plan that fits your family.

Parent Power Hour is a conversational talk between parents, from diverse backgrounds who discuss current news.  Meet parents, teachers and experts who are involved in protecting parental rights.  We publish the video on our website.

Parent Alert is a network of parents who have children attending public school.  Using our hotline, parents call in to inform us about a teacher, a school or a SexEd program that is happening in their area.  We then alert parents to take action together to use their parental rights to make changes.


Parents United Canada [PUC] is encouraging parents to get informed about SOGI 123.

How does SOGI 123 affect you as a parent?    

What impact will SOGI 123 have on your child?

JOIN YOUR PAC so you can have influence on what is happening in your school.

SCHOOL TRUSTEES – encourage them to know the facts and formulate policy that ensures that schools are safe, free of bullying, and free from social engineering.  Hold your school trustees accountable for formulating policy that ensures the health, safety and well-being of every child.

PRESENTATIONS – check who is making presentations in your child’s school.  Speakers, Sex Educators, Videos, etc.

DECLARATION of FAMILY RIGHTS – place a copy of this form on your child’s file.  Let Parents United Canada know if you receive any resistance from the principal.  Click here for form.

INFORM OTHER PARENTS – distribute flyers to other parents to inform them about SOGI 123.


Become a member of Parents United Canada to join the network of parents who are answering the call to action in order to protect children.  Together our voice matters.  United we take a stand for the next generation.   


PHONE: 604 533-9414