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All across Canada, parental rights are being systematically attacked. Special-interest groups have made our schools a political battleground.

The health-care system has usurped the rights of parents to be informed decision-makers. Fiscal lunacy fails to protect future generations from economic and taxation disasters.

Politicians fail to protect the civil, moral agendas of the majority of their constituents. The media deliberately fail to expose transgressions against the cultural values of the majority of Canadians.

High School Hosts Graphic ‘Sex at Lunch’ Show for Students

by Dorothy Cummings McLean Tue Jul 4, 2017 – 1:09 pm EST VANCOUVER, July 4, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) Click here to download a PDF version of this post. A Canadian public high school celebrated the close of its school year with an annual lunch hour “sex show” by teachers for students. The show included talk of…