5th Circuit warns single-sex restrooms could be illegal

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge is warning that the current transgender-activist movement will lead to the banning of all single-sex restrooms and changing facilities in the country.

“This case does not simply concern sexual orientation and transgender discrimination,” wrote Circuit Judge James Ho.

“It affects every American who uses the restroom at any restaurant, buys clothes at any department store, or exercises at any gym. What’s more, because federal statutes governing educational institutions employ language indistinguishable from Title VII, this debate also affects virtually every school, college, dormitory, athletic activity, and locker room in America.”

The case that drew the comments was Nicole C. Wittmer vs. Phillips 66.

Wittmer, a “transgender woman,” had applied for a job with Phillips 66 and was offered a position conditional upon passing background checks.

When the background checks came in, Phillips 66 learned Wittmer had been fired from his previous job. The company withdrew the job offer, and Wittmer sued, claiming discrimination based on transgender identity.

The courts concluded that there was no discrimination because of the deceptive information submitted by Wittmer on his application.

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