CARPAY: Progressive intolerance hurts the cause of diversity

The free society is undermined by the progressive, politically correct claim that the many Canadians who hold traditional or religious views about sexuality are “hateful.”

Diversity is harmed by the notion that only post-modernist beliefs about sexual behaviour can be expressed in the public square.

A real-life example of this is unfolding in New Westminster, BC.

In May of 2018, the City of New Westminster entered into a contract with Grace Chapel, allowing this small church to rent a city facility for a youth conference in July.

Grace Chapel is a multi-ethnic community; most of its members come from Nigeria and other African countries.

Its vision is to build a “diverse church were people of every nation in our community will worship God…”  Its conference was titled “LGBT – Let God Be True” and sought to address the topics of pornography, addictions and human sexuality, from a traditional Christian perspective.

In June of 2018, New Westminster suddenly cancelled the conference booking, after learning that one of the conference facilitators was the social conservative activist Kari Simpson. Continue reading here

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