Why Stop SOGI 123?

SOGI 123 is a resource that is being used without parental consultation or approval.

SOGI 123 exposes young children to a sexualized environment and complex issues involving Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.


Gender is NOT Fluid

We believe that biology determines your gender.  How you feel can not change that.


Parents’ Authority NOT Teachers’

Parents are not able to opt out or have any influence over what their children are being taught.  This is wrong!


SOGI 123 is NOT Inclusive

There are families that have cultural or religious values that find the SOGI 123 lesson plans teach against their beliefs.


Teach the Facts NOT Bias

SOGI 123 educates children that homosexuality is to be celebrated without teaching about the higher risks involved.  Kids are not informed about hormones and operations required to transgender.


Get Informed

Sogi Backgrounder

Read the backgrounder written by Culture Guard to find out more information about SOGI 123 and how it came to be.


SOGI 123 Lesson plans

Read the lesson plans to get a better understanding of what children are being taught regarding Sexual Orientation Gender Identity.


What is SOGI? Brochure

Read our brochure for quick points on “what is SOGI 123?” and for action steps on what you can do!


What Can I Do?



Sign the petition

Add your name to the Stop SOGI 123 petition and have your voice heard.





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Be a part of the Grapevine!

Join our grassroots movement to inform people about SOGI 123. 

Download the flyer here and here then print out to Share with others.