9 reasons


allow penises in my daughter's changeroom, shower, or bathroom

See https://www.sogieducation.org/sogi-policy-summit
Under "9. Facilities", referring to washrooms and change rooms, "Students may choose to use facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

Bodily privacy is one of the most fundamental of privacy rights, and private spaces must remain segregated according to bodies, not feelings. 1 Transgender boys who identify as girls should have separate spaces, but must not be allowed to undermine girls' consent about their physical boundaries when unclothed. 2

'Gender identity' access has led to sexual assaults against women. 3 In 2016 two female students at the University of Toronto were victims of voyeurism after washrooms became gender-neutral. 4 Target stores suffered a significant increase in sexual assaults against women in their change rooms and bathrooms after announcing its 'gender-identity' policy in Apr 2016. 5

We celebrate bodily privacy boundaries, right of consent, and safety of all students, and we will not allow students into facilities that do not match their bodies.


teach my child that they can change from a girl to a boy or a boy to a girl

See https://www.sogieducation.org/gender-identity-elementary-2 and http://archive.is/Vb4Hd "Unlike a person's biological sex, which is pretty much fixed, a person's gender identity... is largely up to the individual." "Discuss different gender identities beyond the traditional concepts of male and female". "Are people ever uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned at birth?" "Do you think people ever change their gender? How might this feel?", http://archive.is/Vb4Hd "Unlike a person's biological sex, which is pretty much fixed, a person's gender identity is largely up to the individual." "Discuss different gender identities beyond the traditional concepts of male and female". "Are people ever uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned at birth?" "Do you think people ever change their gender? How might this feel?"

Teaching 'gender identity' to young children promotes fear and confusion.6 At Rocklin Academy in California, a girl came home crying and shaking-afraid she might turn into a boy after her teacher read the book I am Jazz, and a fellow kindergartner changed clothes and was 'revealed' to be a different gender than his birth sex. 7 Research unequivocally shows that gender dysphoria ends after puberty in the vast majority of children, with the best studies showing 80-90% desistence rates. 8 The American College of Pediatricians calls supporting transition in childhood "child abuse".9

The best data show that the once-miniscule number of children with gender dysphoria has risen more than twenty-fold in only eight years.10 Leading sex researchers like Blanchard, Bailey, Cantor, and Soh, have stated that the current trend represents a social contagion of gender dysphoria among children. 11 Gender dysphoric children are also far more likely than controls to be autistic,12 adopted,13 and same-sex attracted 14 than non-dysphoric children. Medical transition includes interrupting normal pubertal development, the administration of non-approved hormones, double-mastectomies, genital reconstruction, and likely sterilization.15

We recognize we will be held legally and financially liable if we celebrate child transition and ignore the scientific data on desistence and social contagion.


remove my daughter's right to play sports against other females

See https://www.sogieducation.org/sogi1/ and http://archive.is/n7Dpn Under "10. Inclusive Extra-Curricular Activities", "Students will be included and accommodated for in all extra-curricular activities regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity" And https://www.sogieducation.org/sogi-policy-summit and http://archive.is/qYEQc Under ". Gender Integrated and Inclusive Activities" All students should have the opportunity to participate in classroom and extra-curricular activities, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity… Sports related activities and teams are more likely to be gendered and can be good places to start a conversation about inclusion.

At onset of puberty, males have significant physical advantages over females. It is unjust for girls to have to yield roster spots, podium positions, or scholarships to males who 'identify'

as girls. In 2017, a trans-identified male won the Connecticut high school state championships in the 100 and 200 metre races, beating 2016 champion Sarah Hall, who stated, "I can't really say what I want to say, but there's not much I can do about it." 16

We celebrate a girls' right to sports and will not force females to compete against males.


teach my child that their cultural or religious heritage is bigoted or backwards

See here "This goes against our rights to teach our children our own set of family values." Response: "As teachers, we do not condone children being removed from our classes when we teach about Aboriginal people, people of colour, people with disabilities, or gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people. You can absolutely teach your child your own values at home. Public schools have a duty to teach all students about respecting diversity and valuing all types of people."

Canada has become a beautiful blend of ethnic backgrounds and religious traditions. Children of Muslim Syrians, Catholic Filipinos, Sikh Punjabis, and Protestant Africans, for example, must not have their rich heritages insulted or undermined by the government. S.J. Masson, a Mohawk Canadian professor, has pointed out that government over-reach in the matter of sexual orientation and gender identity is exactly like the colonial ideology that was responsible for the Residential School tragedy.17 Indeed, the SOGI curriculum's complete lack of respect for the cultural and religious rights of others constitutes a form of state-sanctioned bigotry.

The Supreme Court of Canada in Loyola High School v. Quebec cited Professor Richard Moon, who wrote: "If religion is an aspect of the individual's identity, then when the state treats his or her religious practices or beliefs as less important or less true than the practices of others, or when it marginalizes her or his religious community in some way, it is not simply rejecting the individual's views and values, it is denying her or his equal worth." 18 The Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish communities must be consulted about their views in relationship to any program regarding sexuality.

We celebrate the rich cultural and religious heritages of our students' families, and we will encourage our students' respect for their heritage.


politically indoctrinate my children or remove their right to free speech

See https://teachbcdb.bctf.ca/permalink/resource839, http://archive.is/qncHu Under "Memory Game", terms learned include "homophobia: discomfort or disapproval of people who are perceived to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual; transphobia: discomfort or disapproval of people who are perceived to be trans, gender identity; refers to a person's internal, deeply-felt sense of being either male, female, both or neither; oppression: unfair use or distribution of power based on gender, race, social class, sexual orientation, ability, etc. (examples include racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.); privilege: refers to the advantages or rights held by people from dominant groups on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, social class, etc. For example, men often experience privilege that people of other genders do not have. See also here Under SOGI Terminology Quiz, 'Cisgender is the opposite of transgender. The prefix cis- means "on this side of" or "not across." A majority of people are cisgender and experience social privilege because of this.'

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, and the lifeblood of Canadian society. Indoctrination of children with 'social justice' vocabulary terms such as "privilege", "oppression", and neologisms like "cisnormativity" - is partisan, political, and Orwellian.

Children should be taught to think critically, to debate ideas openly, and to question what they are taught. Students must never feel pressured to use compelled speech such as pronouns that differ from a person's sex. 19

We celebrate free speech, and the liberty to examine many viewpoints.


hide my child's sexual or gendered behaviour or struggles from me

See https://www.sogieducation.org/sogi1/ , http://archive.is/n7Dpn Under 4. Confidentiality, "Students will have the right to the confidentiality of their official and/or preferred sex, gender, and name."

The BC School Act requires teachers and schools to report behaviour of their children to parents. 20 Parents know their children better than teachers or staff, and are better able to help their children navigate the complexities of their psycho-sexual development. This development is seen in the fact that the majority of same-sex attracted teens becoming exclusively heterosexually attracted in adulthood, 21

and the vast majority of gender dysphoric children becoming comfortable with their birth sex in adulthood. 22 Furthermore, researchers have warned against the current transgender trend being "gay eugenics", as the majority of those who desist from gender dysphoria are same-sex attracted.23

We celebrate the family as the primary authority and care-givers of all students. Schools will never overstep that boundary, nor deliberately hide information related to student health or behavior from parents.


teach my child that there are no differences between males and females

See https://www.sogieducation.org/gender-identity-elementary-2, http://archive.is/Vb4Hd "Use the Gender Unicorn or Genderbread Person to discuss the differences between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Note that each of these represent spectrums, versus binary constructs." Gender identity ideology requires the belief that males and female are interchangeable and identical, hence males can use girls' change rooms, or be on girls' sport teams.

Sexual and physiological differences between males and females must be recognized and celebrated. Females have greater range of motion than males 24 while males have significantly greater upper body strength. 25 The genomic differences between men and women are 15 times greater than the genomic differences between any two men or two women. 26 Many diseases are more prevalent in one sex than the other. 27 Sex-based medicine is a rapidly growing field, and doctors are realizing the significant differences in physiological needs and responses of males and females. 28 Humans are bi-morphic and every science textbook recognizes this basic binary. 29To teach anything different is anti-science.

Reproduction involves binary sex functions. Every person has a biological father and mother. Only females are capable of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Every human is born of a woman, and motherhood should be recognized and celebrated as a valuable function unique to women. Males and females are not "assigned" a sex at birth. Genitalia are only the outward manifestation of chromosomal sex differences imprinted on every cell of the body. Intersex conditions are exceptionally rare (0.02%) and there is little in common between intersex and trans individuals.30 Sex-reassignment surgery for transgender individuals cannot make fully-functioning sexual organs. 31

We celebrate science and the necessary distinctions between the sexes for human propagation. We celebrate motherhood, and that every human being has been born of a woman.


mention anal sex, polyamory, sado-masochism, or transvestic fetishism to my child without my expressed consent

Anal sex among males is associated with 3.6 times higher risk of mortality32, 140 times higher risk of HIV infection and syphilis.33 Anal sex also leads to high fecal incontinence 34 and is a coercive sexual behaviour among youth.35 Sado-masochism promotes violence, particularly against women. 36

Transvestic fetishism (cross-dressing) is a sexual disorder that is correlated with other paraphilias and rape,37 and should not be tolerated as a form of expression by students or staff.38 Any discussion of sexuality in schools, outside of reproductive biology and monogamy, must receive expressed parental consent.

We celebrate a sexually healthy society and will not introduce behaviours to youth that are correlated with disease, sexual disorders, or sexual violence.


work with any organization or individual promoting or facilitating access to pornography

See https://www.sogieducation.org/links/

Out in Schools is a provincial SOGI partner funded by Out on Screen Film Society (Queer Film Festival) and promotes graphic gay pornography. In 2015 school students were invited to a Queer Film Festival panel which included Jessie Anderson, who performs porn under the name Charlie Spats. 39 Qmunity is another SOGI partner that promotes pornography under the guise of "sex positivity".40

Out in Schools has also held events where the Queeriodic table has been used to introduce terms like buttpirate, rimming (tongue to anus), fisting (inserting hand into vagina or rectum), and f**kbuddies, to students. 41

We promote student environments free from sexually graphic and explicit material, and refuse to work with any organization that does not share the same values.