Here’s what the transgender movement is doing to children

[The Bridgehead] Despite a host of warnings from medical experts, the promotion of transgenderism is proceeding apace—and that includes parents cross-dressing their children, treating them as the opposite sex, and horrifyingly, beginning the physical transformation of their girls into boys and boys into girls at a very young age. Some of the “progressive” parents seem downright enthusiastic about having a transgender child, with one mother attempting to raise her son as a girl until a judge stepped in and sent the boy to live with his father, where he promptly returned to normal.

But transgender activists will tolerate absolutely no discussion about this phenomenon, even though it can involve physical mutilation and chemical castration. Lindsay Shepherd, a left-wing student from Laurier University, is still getting demonized by LGBT activists and their “allies” simply for attempting to have a discussion. To ask whether inventing new pronouns is helpful is now “hate speech” or even “violence,” and to suggest that some aspects of transgenderism have not been subject to the intellectually rigorous examination that their potential consequences demand is to be accused of contributing to the death of vulnerable trans people.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s what the transgender movement is doing to children

  1. We have minority groups in Canada who try to force their sexual confusion on all children in Canada

    Sex education with this type of agenda does not belong to school

    Parents can opt to teach their children’s outside school hours what
    They wish but this kind of nonsense is simply opening doors for perverts to abuse our children and mess up their minds

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