In a world gone insane with transgenderism, menstruating ‘men’ must fight for ‘period equity’

January 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In Iran, thousands of young people are taking to the streets, demanding that their authoritarian Islamic leaders step down. They are doing this fully knowing that they may pay dearly for speaking out. In Hong Kong, hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting for months, and despite brutal police crackdowns, the demonstrations have barely slowed. With the spectre of Red China looming over them, these freedom-fighters know precisely what is at stake both for them and their children.

And in the U.S., NBC is faithfully recording the struggle of America’s youth, which, while very different, is still definitely unprecedented. Consider the story of “Kenny” Ethan Jones, a “transgender model and activist.” According to NBC, when Jones “experienced his first period, he faced both physical and psychological pain. Initially, Jones, who had not yet come out as trans at the time, felt like he was losing control and didn’t understand what was happening to his body.”

In fact, Jones told NBC, the experience was bewildering: “I didn’t believe that having periods would be a part of my lived experience. I felt isolated; everything about periods was tailored to girls, yet me, a boy, was experiencing this and nothing in the world documented that.” Now, NBC solemnly reported, “He currently experiences a wide range of challenges with his [sic] monthly bleeding, especially when it comes to getting his hands on menstrual hygiene products.”

You might be reading this and thinking—wow. A boy who gets a period. That would be horrifying and confusing and traumatizing. But of course, this story is much simpler than that. Jones is a biological female, which is why she gets her period. Boys don’t get periods. Regardless of the fact that NBC is willing to air transgender propaganda, the fact is that everything about this story makes sense once you realize that Jones is female and simply identifies as male. The thing is, identifying as male doesn’t make you male. That’s why Jones still gets her period.

But the state of the mainstream media is such that NBC actually used Jones’s story to segue into an entire report on men who menstruate and the challenges that they face. It is a sad state of affairs, they report, when men who get their menses are forced to purchase girly pink packages: “Some transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate, like Jones, say when the products are categorized as women’s products, they can feel alienated — and may even avoid purchasing them altogether.”  Continue Reading Here

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