We need people with all different skill levels to join us and be a part of the team that is actively working to Stop SOGI 123. Get involved.

Be Active & Inform Others – Attend our events, comment and share our posts on the Parents United Canada Facebook page, Subscribe to our email list and inform others in your community. Be an info distributor!  Click here for our brochures.

Write Letters / Articles / Posts – Join our writing campaign where we send letters to school trustees and newspapers.  We are also looking for content writers for our blog and social media.

Become a Helper – If you live in the Fraser Valley, we could use helpers at our events, to greet and pass out brochures.  Behind the scenes, many hands makes for light work for all the tasks that need to get done.

Become an Advocate – Answer the call of parents who are reaching out to us through Parents United Canada who are having their children come home confused and upset with what they are learning in their classroom.  Make sure their story is heard and they receive the support they need.

Be a PUC Chapter Coordinator – Parents United Canada needs coordinators to inform parents on what is happening in their neck of the woods when it comes to SOGI 123 and Sex Ed.

Become an Organizer
Create a Fundraiser
Coordinate a Rally or Town Hall
Organize an Info Meeting for your group, church or organization
Form a Committee
Ask Questions at the School Board Trustee meeting in your area.
be apart of the movement!

Be a Voice (the more voices the better!) – Ready to to be in the public eye as a leader who rises up to stop SOGI 123?  Are you knowledgeable and willing to be in front of the camera or podium to speak on behalf of children who need to be protected? We need more voices!

GET INFORMED – on the research and statistics on high-risk sexual behaviors, learn the stats on transgenderism, read the SOGI 123 lesson plans. Become knowledgeable and know why you oppose SOGI.

Share your Story – Stories are crucial! If your child is coming home confused by SOGI 123 sex education or having had a bad experience with a lesson plan then call us.  We need to be informed about the negative effects of SOGI 123 on your children and in your family.

Be an Informed Parent#ParentUp. SOGI 123 lesson plans are in every BC classroom, it’s time for you to prepare your children. If they are in a class that is forcing them to act out something they are not comfortable with, or being taught something they feel is wrong, they have the right to voice their opinion or to walk out of class and call you.  Get your children ready to say “NO”. Talk to your child’s teacher and ask them for a copy of the lesson plans they intend to teach. Consider alternative education choices such as home school, long distance learning or private school. Lots of good options out there.

BECOME A CONTACT PERSON – If you are willing to help coordinate within a community, club, organization or group of people that is saying No to SOGI 123 then connect with us so we can unite under one umbrella to work together.

DONATE – Our expenses add up when paying for ink, paper, signs, banners, office space etc. We would appreciate it if you could                         donate $10 a month to help fund our efforts.

Contact us if you are ready to volunteer!  info@parentsunitedcanada.com