Paul Dirks – Peer Contagion – 13 April 2019 from RoadKill Radio on Vimeo.

Paul Dirks from Parents United Canada speaks on peer contagion, what we know about it from sociological literature, an how to guard against it through attachment and building a family identity.

ParentAlert!, a division of Parents United Canada, provides information to parents who have children attending public school.  We alert parents to take action together as a network of parents to make change happen using their parental rights.


Parents who know the harm SOGI 123 causes, can sign up to be a part of our parent network.  We alert parents into action.  Together we are stronger and united in protecting children.  We may alert you about PAC meetings when a vote is to take place, when we hold rallies, when there are incidents in a school or with a teacher etc.  We want parents to be in the know and together take action!


HOTLINE | (604) 533 9414

We need parents to call us up and tell us when things are going on in their child’s school.  Did your child have an incident?  Do you see inappropriate posters at your school? (take pictures!)  Do you know of a teacher who is a sex activist?  Is there a SexEd workshop coming to your school?

Your tip can be anonymous or you could be a part of the team of parents who do something to solve the problem.