Radical Feminists and Conservatives Join to Fight Trans Ideology

WASHINGTON, D.C. February 1 (C-Fam) Seventeen-year-old transsexual Jazz Jennings celebrated his castration with a “penis cake” that he gleefully cut into pieces as his friends and family cheered.

This was just one of many oddities and outages discussed at a Heritage Foundation panel this week that featured radical feminists in opposition to the powerful transgender ideology that seems to be sweeping the country and especially schools.

Lesbian Julia Beck told her story of getting kicked off the LGBTQ Commission in Baltimore for the “violence” she perpetrated. She refused to use female pronouns for a jailed male rapist. The man continued to rape female prisoners in the women’s prison he was sent to. She was forced off the commission by the chairman, a man who presents as a woman and considers himself a lesbian. The contempt on Beck’s face was palpable when describing a man who thinks he’s a lesbian. Continue reading here.

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