Former trans clinic workers demand end to ‘experiment’ on kids

LONDON, England (LifeSiteNews) ― Former employees of a publicly-funded transgender clinic for children have called for an end to its experimental procedures.

For a top story today, The Times of London interviewed five experts who resigned from the Tavistock Clinic, the National Health Service’s one center for treating children who believe they are “transgender.” The five clinicians all allege that the Tavistock Centre, run by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), has been approving “life-changing medical intervention” for children and teens “without sufficient evidence of its long-term effects.”

According to the Times, the medical professionals left the Tavistock Centre because of the way children with body dysmorphia were treated. They believe that some children were misdiagnosed as “transgender” merely because they experienced same-sex sexual attractions.

All of these clinicians were responsible for determining which children should and should not have puberty-delaying hormone blockers. In most cases, children who are given puberty-blockers begin to take “cross-sex hormones” when they are 16. The effects of these hormones are “irreversible.”  Continue reading here

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